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There’s been some hobby progress!

December 30, 2009

I’ve had these two kits for YEARS. But I never really got around to working on them. So this Christmas break, with Amy working on her jewelry, and me needing a tad bit of a break from Modern Warfare 2, I decided to get going!

The first is the rocket.  It’s a Public Missiles Limited Endeavor which I bought for (hopefully) completing my NAR Level 1 and 2 certifications.  I’ve become pretty good at mixing Epoxy now so the next build should go a lot faster (hopefully a Firestorm 54).  So here it is (along with two cute children, although Ethan doesn’t seem too happy):

It’ll get painted if it survives the certification flights.

The next is the helicopter, a TREX 450 SE V2.  It’s not done yet, but I have all the bits needed to make it fly (servos, gyro, radio, etc.) and crash:

It came partially built, but there’s still some work to be done.  So far the build is fairly easy but I haven’t gotten to installing the servos, radio, or the other electronics yet.


A Jocelyn request…

April 11, 2009

I had to take Ethan to his first t-ball practice a few days ago and Jocelyn had to come with us. Amy was at work and was going to stop by later on to pick her up.

Jocelyn was sitting on my lap and, of course, was getting cold (early spring practices are generally somewhat cold). I snuggled her up tight and was having a grand ol’ time just holding her. Then, she says to me “Daddy, I want you to do something”. “What, honey?” “I need you to have a talk with Spring, IT’S TOO COLD!”

I assured her I would. Anything for my little girl! Unless it’s giving away my beer.

Our new president and torture (and aliens…!?)

February 10, 2009

Of all the things that happened under our last president, I think it was the torture that pissed me off the most. Sure, there were plenty of other things that I didn’t like, either (how Iraq was handled, Katrina, etc.), but torturing prisoners and holding them indefinitely, no matter how despicable they might be or have been, without even the slightest attempt at a trial goes against everything this country was built on. Near the end, there were some pathetic motions made towards some shammified version of a trial, of course, but this shouldn’t have EVER been an issue in the first place.

Sometime between Obama being elected and the Inauguration, I said to my wife “if I were becoming President, the VERY first thing I’d do was stop the torture”. Of course, she wasn’t taking me seriously, as she told me “I don’t think so, the first thing you’d try and get them to do is show you the aliens and all the cool top secret shit!!”. Ok, she’s got me on the seeing of all the top secret shit.

I’m just glad that President Obama at least seems to be on the way to reversing the terrible acts that were perpetrated by the previous administration under the guise of “security”.

Apparently, Pookie bear ain't purty enough!

January 27, 2009

I had to get up at 5 (AM!) to help with a site deployment. So, of course, at 5:30 (or so) I hear Jocelyn yelling for “mommy, MOMMY!” Mommy is sick, and I didn’t want her getting woken up early, so I run upstairs to make sure everything was ok.

I get up there, and of course she’s had some sort of “scary dream”. Here’s how the conversation went from there:

Me: “You have a lot of friends that can help you, would you like me to get your pookie bear to help you out?”

Jocelyn: “Yes, please”


So, I grab her Pookie bear, who is OH SO FAR AWAY, a foot or so behind her. I try and place it in front of her, where her precious Pegasus is.

Jocelyn: “No daddy! That’s the beautiful area, and she’s NOT BEAUTIFUL!! I want my OTHER teddy bear”

The “other” teddy bear, in this case, is MY old teddy bear, the one given to me when I was about 6 months old. He/She (of course, when he was mine, he was a he, but now she’s a she for Jocelyn) was acceptable, albeit barely, to sit just outside of the “beautiful” section.

Ethan taking a survey!

January 25, 2009

I took these pictures sometime last week on one of the days I picked Ethan up from school. Jocelyn LOVES to do her “centers” at school. Since they don’t start on them until 4 or so, I usually bring Ethan home for a little while, then we get Jocelyn later. This was one of those days.

They had been working on surveys for quite awhile in school, so he decided he wanted to do one at home. Which was awesome, I’m all for it, considering all the issues we’re having with him in school. At least something is sinking in and it’s fun to see him so enthusiastic about it. It also helps that he LOVES math.

This survey would consist of going around the house and counting up all the smoke detectors and sprinkler heads. I grabbed a piece of paper, made a little table for him with two columns, and off we went! I decided to grab the camera (something I’m going to try and do more often) and see if I could get anything good. I don’t think they’re that great, but they’re OK.

Some Random pictures I've taken recently…

January 25, 2009
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Don’t know how these will look, just messing around, I am, really. They all link to the appropriate smugmug gallery. Instead of actually writing stuff, I’ve decided I’m going to try and take more pictures and post them. Whether they be pictures of family or just random crap. I’ve lost track of how many hawks, raptors, etc. I’ve seen in the past few days and wish I had my camera with me. Maybe I’ll start carrying it around.

I don’t think I did very good adjusting these, to be honest, I need more practice. And I don’t like taking photos indoors :(.

GODDAMMIT, now you've gone and pissed me off, AND I have a final tomorrow! (prop 8)

December 8, 2008

This ad ran in the New York Times last Friday (12/5/2008) (I found out about it here: Human Rights Campaign). Go and read it, I actually want you too!

Done reading? If you voted yes on Prop 8, then you might just want to piss off. I was writing this up in an email to send to a mailing list I’m on, then it hit me. “Hey, this would make a good blog post!” (I have so few of those, some would argue *ahem* NONE)

I’m curious as to what violence they’re talking about. I haven’t heard of any, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I like the second to last paragraph. And by like, I mean “This shit pisses me off”:

“Let’s be clear: even the crudest anti-religious propaganda isn’t illegal, and may not constitutionally be outlawed. But it’s nevertheless wrong. It has no place in civilized society”

Sounds like “Religous liberty” (by the Becket institutes definition) certainly doesn’t mean “liberty FROM religion”, and a (admittedly) cursory search of their website seems to bear that out.

I’ll tell you what has no place in civilized society. Bigotry has no place in civilized society. Murdering someone because they’re different has no place in civilized society. Violence against people or groups (from any side) who disagree with you has no place in civilized society. Unthinkingly following a stupid book(s) has no place in civilized society. Saying that being “anti-religous” has no place in a civilized society, has no place in a civilized society.

I’ll tell you what DOES have a place in civilized society. Questioning authority. Questioning religion. Being tolerant. Letting anyone get married to whoever they want to. Questioning religion is not intolerant. Just don’t expect a good answer 🙂

You can have your religion all you want, as long as it doesn’t restrict someone elses rights. Voting yes on prop 8 crossed that line.