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Something tells me astrology is crap…

August 13, 2008

So, I’m surfing my feeds today, and come across this: “Live Life” at Teen Skepchick (which was linked off feed). So, of course, I had to check out the article on MSN (Choosing the Right Major).

I’m an Aries, so let’s see what it says for me!

“I’m in charge” Aries will thrive in any occupation that permits advancement and promotion. You are an excellent promoter, and majoring in marketing would bode you well in public relations, sales, or just about any other direction you move. Here’s another inside tip: did you know that deep inside of every Aries is the soul of a hero? You would make an exceptional police officer, soldier, or fireman, and Aries does love a uniform. Check out the police academy or career military schools.

  • My current major is Computer Science (which I _WILL_ finish! Then maybe move on to something else…)
  • I’m a horrible promoter
  • I hate marketing, sales, and public relations. Statistics dictate that there are good, intelligent people in those professions, but I think I’ve only met one
  • I’ll take it as a compliment that I’d make a good police officer, soldier, or fireman, but I guess I don’t really have much of a “soul of a hero” as I don’t think I’d ever actually be one!
  • My “uniform” is a slightly wacky (maybe slightly offensive) t-shirt, jeans, and sandals (with socks, of course!) or Doc Martens
  • Also notice how general the description is. “…Or any other direction you move…”. It’s almost as if they make this stuff up completely out of the blue! I also wonder what we’d get if a different astrologist wrote about the same topic, but they didn’t know about this article. Probably get something completely different, like how Penn and Teller had 3 Feng Shui “experts” on Bullshit and they all came up with something completely different, and even contradicting each other at times (mentioned here, 3rd paragraph: Featured DVD – Penn & Teller).

    Now, granted, the sample size is small (1), but you would think they’d at least get SOMETHING right!

    You could do this for all the other signs as well, of course, but why multiply the stupid more than I already have?

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