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My next car will be…

August 9, 2008

Well, if my kids have their way, at least. And who am I to argue? This happened while driving the kids home from school on Friday.

So, after taking a turn onto rt 28, I see behind me an orange Lamborghini Murcielago, probably back about 300 yards or so, just coming out of the same right hand turn. It’s a 2-lane road, and I was the only car in front of him for probably a mile. Now, being somewhat of a car guy, I’m pretty sure this guy is going to stomp on it. Why did I think that? Because that’s exactly what I would do most of the time, especially if I was driving a Murcielago (or any other Lamborghini, for that matter).

So, I see his nose pick up a little bit as he starts accelerating. Then I tell the kids “Ok guys, look over here *pointed left* and watch this”.

Driver of Lambo did NOT disappoint. He goes FLYING past.

Me: “awesome!”

Ethan: “DUDE! THAT WAS SO SWEET!!!” (“dude” and “sweet” are two of Ethans new favorite words. maybe he and I should re-enact “Dude, where’s my car”)

Jocelyn: “WHOA!!”

There was much exclaiming and talk as he hit traffic and I caught up to him. I was able to pull up next to him at one of the lights and the kids got a real good close look at the thing. There was some argument (amongst the children) as to how many engines the Lambo had. First hypothesis was 3. Then Ethan suggested 16, and that’s what they finally settled on.

Then, Jocelyn dropped the bomb that I totally wish I could make true… “Daddy, when the engine in this car brakes (my STi), you should get one of those!”

Somehow, I don’t think an argument from a 4 year old will convince the wife that my next car should be a Lamborghini. Nor will said argument magically produce the money needed to purchase such a thing 🙂

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