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Recent lovely husband – wife exchange

May 9, 2008

Her: “James? Remember when I told you about tapping bumpers (NOT a euphemism, you twats!) with a truck this morning?”

Me: *playing with Ethan’s new DS, to make sure it works before we wrap it up and give it to him* “Yes dear?”

Her: “There’s something else I need to tell you….”

Me: *still playing with DS. As a matter of fact, it’s best that you assume that during this whole ‘conversation’ I’m focusing on the DS and not the wife, so I don’t have to keep typing this part* “err.. what?”

Her: “Well, yesterday, I, uhh, ran a red light, I need you to yell at me”

Me: *DS focus*. “Yeah, that’s bad dear”

Her: “No, YELL AT ME! There’s obviously something wrong with me!!!”

Me: “Yes, there is, dear!”

Her: “Can’t you come up with something better!?”

Me: “Not really, but the DS seems to work fine!”

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