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The Stack (of books)

January 20, 2008

Like most people, I have a stack of books (and magazines) on my bedside table. Unlike most people, I’m going to post them right here. I have the bad habit of buying books faster than I read them, which is bad, considering how slow I read.

I’ve set myself a goal. And that goal is to not add anymore books to the stack until I clear out the current one. Magazines are ok, because they’re usually a fast read (except for Scientific American, I always feel the need to read every single article, they’re just too damned interesting). Textbooks are ok, as well, but they have to be for the class(es) I’m currently taking.

So here’s the current “stack”:

  • 2 issues of USAA magazine
  • 1 issue of Scientific American
  • 1 issue of Ale Street News
  • 1 issue of Mid Atlantic Brewing News
  • “The right way to do wrong” by Harry Houdini (The brother of Hardeen!)
  • “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins (of Palm fame)
  • “The Selfish Gene”, by Richard Dawkins (this is the one I’m currently working on)
  • “The Singularity is Near” by Ray Kurzweil
  • “How the Mind Works” by Steven Pinker
  • “Applied Cryptography, 2nd ed.” by Bruce Schneier
  • “I, Jedi” by Michael Stackpole (hey, I’m a HYOOG Star Wars NUT)
  • “Quicksilver”, by Neal Stephenson

Maybe this post will provide me with some motivation. I’m about halfway through both Selfish Gene and Quicksilver, so I’ll probably finish those first. After these are all done, then the stack REALLY gets big.  Maybe next weekend I’ll go around the house and make a big huge stack of all of the rest of the books I want to read, just to see.

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