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The two Ethan’s

January 16, 2008

Ethan (my son) has another Ethan in his class at his school, and has for a few years.  They used to cause so much trouble together that last year the school put them in separate classes, but they only have one kindergarten class, so they’re back together again (causing much less trouble this time around, I might add 🙂 ).  Everyone in the school uses their last initial when referring to them, heck, even Jocelyn says “Ethan P.” a lot.  (The other Ethan is “Ethan H.”)

When I dropped them off at school today, Ethan’s teacher told me a very interesting story.  Ethan H’s mom dropped him off a bit earlier and relayed a very interesting story.  Turns out Ethan H. wrote on the wall (which he, of course, wasn’t supposed to do) and he signed it.  But he didn’t sign it “Ethan H.”, of course, he signed it “Ethan P.”.  When confronted, Ethan H. said “Look, I didn’t do it, Ethan P. did it!”.  Of course, Ethan P. has never been to their house, but those are just minor details.

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