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It’s become quite clear that the music industry will curse me to it’s last dying breath

October 15, 2007

First we get MP3’s, and the Music industry was like “wuht’s that?”. I buy CD’s and rip them to MP3.

(Napster, suing, etc., skipped)

Next we get stores like iTunes and emusic. iTunes, great selection, but DRM’d. emusic, not so great selection, but un-DRM’s. I still buy CD’s and rip them, still cursed.

(More suing, etc., skipped)

Jobs finally gets the music industry to let him sell some DRM-free stuff off the iTunes store. AmazonMP3 get’s going with DRM-free, high quality MP3’s. FINALLY! Two stores selling music in the format I want! Too bad they’re not yet selling the stuff I want in that format. Still cursed, but it looks like this may be the last time.

Still buying CD’s, dammit.


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