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They grow up so damn fast…

September 7, 2007

I’m proud to announce to the world that, yesterday, my son Ethan got married. I’m so happy that he finally found a nice girl to settle down with. Hopefully she’ll be able to get him to eat his peas, clean his room, and wear a short sleeve shirt and a pair shorts every once in awhile.

Everyone always tells you to savor every moment with your children, because their childhood passes by in a blink of an eye. They are so right! These 5 years with Ethan living under our roof have passed by very quickly. It seems like not that long ago shit was exploding out of his diaper and daddy was going “EEWWWWWW *vomit* How the hell can that much crap come out of someone so small!?!?”.

Of course they eloped. To the sandbox. At the school playground. They’re also not allowed to kiss at school, to which I must protest. The two are married! There’s nothing wrong with husband and wife kissing in public, no sirree!

I always knew sending him to Kindergarten would have horrific consequences. I mean, does he know how much wives cost these days?

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