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Transformers & the wife

July 3, 2007

So, I’m totally geeking all over the place whenever the subject of “Transformers” comes up. But that’s not really the point.

When in Utah, the wife and I went to see Pirates 3 (eh, it was ok. Too long, but Johnny Depp is almost always cool). Transformers trailer played in front of it. Amy turns to me and says in a tiny voice “I didn’t know there were bad Transformers….”. Shock! Surprise! How the hell did you grow up in the 80’s and not know about the Decepticons!?!?

Then, just a few weeks ago, she bought Ethan a Transformers toy. I get home, he comes running out the door with it and says “Daddy, I’m a BAD GUY Transformer!!”. “COOL!” When I get inside Amy says “I accidentally bought him a bad Transformer :(. I looked at the package, really I did. But it doesn’t say anywhere that he’s a bad guy!”. I’m semi-flabbergasted at that statement and say “You got him Starscream, didn’t you?” “How the heck did you know that!?” “I’m a geek, that’s how I knew that”.

In our house, however, Ethan has proclaimed that Starscream is a good guy.

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