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fitty cent

March 19, 2007

I recently purchased a new car. Well, new to me, at least. It’s a (used, 13,300 miles at time of purchase) Black 2006 Impreza STi. Pictures will follow as soon as it stops snowing at random times and they quit salting the roads and I can keep the damn thing clean for longer than 12 hours.

Since most (if not all) factory stereo systems suck ass, one of the first things I like to do is replace the stock system and some (or all) of the speakers with something better. I decided on an Alpine 9885 headunit and some Polk speakers for the front door. I’ll be installing a subwoofer soon, but for now the system’s pretty good.

When I went to pick up the car after the system was installed, I borrowed my wife’s iPod so I could test the connectivity (my iPod is at colorware getting colored right now). The installer wanted to show me the decent bass response from the Polk speakers, so I went looking for something on the iPod that had a bit of bass in it.

Me: “Well, this is my wife’s iPod, so I’m not sure what’s on it, we’ll see” *pop up the artist selection through the interface, 50 cent is at the top of the list*

Installer: “huh”

Me: “Yup, that’s my wife’s iPod!”

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