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I have a new favorite word…

July 13, 2006

And that word is… “fartsauce”.

You might wonder who introduced me to this word. Just friggin’ hold on and I’ll tell you.

We’re sitting at the dinner table last night when Ethan spills something or drops a piece of food or whatever. And out of his mouth comes “Aaahhhggghh… fartsauce!”. “What did you say?” I innocently ask him. “Fartsauce” the innocent boy replies. “I want you to never say that word again, Ethan”. “But I say it at appletree all the time!”. “Well, we don’t want you to say it there, either”.

I believe it could replace “fuck” as the most versatile word in the english language. You’re astonished by something? “faaarrttsssauuucee…” You’re pissed? “FARTGODDAMNSAUCE!!” You want to talk dirty to the SO? “hey baby, let’s fartsauce!” You can even combine the two words, “FARTFUCKINGSAUCE!”. Or, if you’ve got the runs, you could just say “Dammit, I’ve got some fartsauce in my underwear.”

What a wonderful word!

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