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I’m afraid I’ve gone and done something rather rash…

May 15, 2005

I can’t believe it. I’ve gone and bought… A MOUSE!!! THE SHOCK!! THE HORROR!!! (A mouse for a computer, you sick fucks).

Those that know me know I’ve been a trackball man for a very long time. A VERY long time. All the PC mice at the time were just the standard ones with the little ball. They were imprecise and you had to clean them constantly. Then the optical trackballs started coming out… I’m not sure of optical mice for the PC started coming out at the same time, but IMO the first optical mice were shitty, while the optical trackballs were sweet. Plus the trackballs were just more comfortable for me.

My favorite trackball is the logitech trackman marble+. It just works right. It fits right. It still has to be cleaned, but that’s not really a big deal. I think I have at least two marble+’s, and probably 2 of the regular marble’s (the marble has three buttons, the marble+ replaced the middle button with a clickable scroll wheel).

However. My company just started up an office that I will have to be going into regularly. Got my own desk and computer there and everything. It’s swell. Since the standard mouse and keyboard that Dell ships out suck ass, I need to get my own mouse and keyboard (I use some variation of the microsoft natural keyboards. Even though I hate microsoft, it’s the only keyboard I like). So my wife, my kids, and I went to Micro Center this weekend to get me what I needed. Of course, there are no trackman marble+’s, since they’ve probably been discontinued. I tried all the other trackballs they had there, but I didn’t like any of them.

I remembered a spot on the Screen Savers not to long ago (when Alex and Kevin were the hosts, right before G4 decided to truly fuck the show in the ass) that was about gaming mice. They seemed to like the logitech MX series of mice, so I figured “what the hell”, and I decided to buy the MX510. There were a couple models above that but I decided on the 510 since one of the higher models (MX 1000, I think) was wireless, and I don’t need that, and the other (the MX 518) seemed to be geared strictly towards gaming, and I don’t think I’d need the extra resolution for a machine I won’t be doing much gaming on. For my home machine, however . . . maybe I’ll get a 518 and replace my aging trackball(s). This thing can track at up to 15.something g’s, so I’ll be able to take it on my jaunts with the Blue Angels and I’ll pass out before it stops working. And I’m sure I can blind you with it’s laser, so watch out.

My wife says I’ll want to get rid of the mouse soon. But I think she’s wrong, as I’ve been using it for the past few days and I’m liking it quite a bit. Now I just have to set up all the buttons and stuff in X.

Wow. I thought I would have trouble writing decently long posts. I guess that isn’t a problem. I just did 6 paragraphs on buying a new friggin’ mouse.

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