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Verizon sucks

May 5, 2005

Don’t the folks at Verizon listen to the radio? If they did, then they’d hear the Miss Utility commercials. “Call Miss Utility before you dig. You might hit a bump and spill your drink”. Err, I mean, “Call Miss Utility before you dig. Get your lines marked. You don’t want to get electrocuted. You also don’t want to knock out phone service to all your neighbors, which would cause a problem in case one of them needed to call 911”.

Well guess what Verizon did?

That’s right, you guessed it! At least if you’re intelligent you’ve guessed what they’ve done. If you’re a moron then it’s not my fault. Verizon cut a line yesterday afternoon and knocked out phone and data for us and all our neighbors. I’m not sure how far the outage reached.

No working land lines means everyone tries to use their cell phones. Everyone trying to use their cell phones means the cell phone network is very busy. I think I tried to use my cell about 20 times, and could only get a call through twice. I certainly hope noone had to use 911. Are 911 calls given priority in any of the phone (either land line or cell) systems? I would think that they would be, but that makes too much sense, and might not be doable by the company that cuts it’s own lines.

When I was on my cell coming home and my wife was telling me that the phone was out, I asked “which one?”. Yes I’m an idiot. But all is well now.

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