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More Tivo’s!

May 2, 2005

I hear the doorbell ring (I work from home, and my “office” is in the finished part of our basement). Could it be? I hear the wife get up to answer it. I hear the “beep-beep” of the security system. Oh please, let this be them…

Then I hear, from my son, at the top of the stairs, yelling “DADDY WE GOT TIVO’S!!!”, and, “WE’VE GOT LOTS AND LOTS OF TIVO’S DADDY!!!”

And I’m like “sweet!”.

My wife and I recently decided to take advantage of a deal that Tivo was offering (it has since ended). After everything is done, we’ll have bought two 80 hr Humax Series 2 SA Tivos for $100/piece. We currently use DirecTV, but since DirecTV sucks balls and cripples their Tivo’s, we don’t get all the cool features like HMO, Tivo2Go, HME, etc., on the DirecTivo units. We’re probably going to get rid of DirecTV completely, but there’s still a “discussion” going on about that :).

The only drawback right now is that the USB ethernet adapters haven’t shown up yet. I’ll have to wait before I can play with all the really cool neat stuff. Maybe I can start writing some HME apps. A collaborative scheduling thingy would be nice…

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