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Progressive scan rocks! but not really…

April 29, 2005

Well, it would rock if I had a progressive scan TV.

Amy (my lovely wife) says “hey, let’s get a new DVD player, so we can put the old one
upstairs in our bedroom”. I’m like “sure, but don’t just go out and buy
one, let me do a little research first”.

So she goes and gets one before I do any research (I’m sure the men out
there saw that one coming). It’s a Sony model, not sure exactly which
one, but it was only $70 at Costco, so, hell, I won’t ever feel “hey, we
paid a lot of money for this thing, let’s get a few years out of it
before we replace it”.


It does progressive scan. Our TV don’t do progressive scan.

Therefore, I think I should go out and get a TV that does progressive

It’s only fair.

She didn’t consult me, I won’t consult her


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