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Classes, College, and Animal Sacrifices

April 22, 2005

And so it begins.

Registration for classes.

Take one part “I think I know what classes I need…”, one part blind
luck, one part arcane black magic with requisite animal sacrifices, one
part “why the fuck is this server so slow!?!”, mix them together, and
you’ll get the strange brew of the method needed for getting the classes you

I started out thinking “I’ll just sign up for a few classes for the fall,
and nothing over the summer. I need some time off from school” (I’ve been
going to school pretty much year round for the past two years).

So, what did I do? I did what any normal person would do. I overloaded on

I registered for one class over the summer (statistics) and 4 classes next
fall. Shouldn’t be a problem, I only have 2 kids, a wife, and a full time job
to also take care of.

How did it happen? I don’t know. Part of me loves school. Learning new stuff,
conquering the challenges, expanding my mind. There’s also a small part of me
that hates it, but the love it far outweights the hate it. It’s also a lot of
hard work but it’s rewarding. I’ll probably drop one of the classes for the
fall semester. Four is just way too many, even if you’re going full time.

Probably what it boils down to is this: I like it, and the more classes I take
now, the more classes I can take later. The quicker I can get to a BS in
Computer Science, the quicker I can get a BS in Computer Engineering. Then I
can (hopefully) move on to a Masters and PhD in CS. After that, who knows?
Maybe Biology? (Bioinformatics seems like a cool field to work in). Maybe
History? Math? Anthropology? I wonder if I’ll ever stop going to school.

Maybe I’m sick.

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