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April 5, 2005

Hi. This is my blog. A bunch of us at the HSB&R are giving blogs a shot. I had the software and the server so I installed it for everyone.

I think we all want a freer hand in what we can write about. All movie related content from these blogs will eventually be incorporated into the main HSB&R site in some way, but anything non-movie related won’t be. So I’ll be able to write about my observations on life, the universe, and how childrens cartoons are just way too fucked up and have all sorts of hidden sexual meaning, and they won’t sully the good name that is The HSB&R.

Maybe I’ll write about beer, computers, Star Wars, or any of my other interests as well. Or, more likely, I just won’t write at all. But I really need to practice my writing skills. One of the biggest problems I (and I’m sure a lot of other people) have with programmers and Computer Science type people is that a lot of us can’t write or communicate technical concepts well to non-technical people. Let’s face it guys, we have to deal with non-technical people all the time, especially in our jobs, and we need to know how to explain things to them so that they can understand. And not be condescending to the sales people. Despite the fact that all sales people are willing to sell their grandmothers into some sex-slave ring in Taiwan just to make a sale. Ok, maybe we don’t have to be nice to the sales people, but we should at least try not to be condescending to our boss, or ones who could fire us.

I’m also interested in how far this thing might spread. I’ve always been interested in how things spread throughout the internet, those stupid jokes your dumbass sisters send you all the time ;), those darwin awards emails, etc. I guess the easiest way to get it to spread is to be good. But it’s unlikely that this will ever be good.

And maybe I’ll explain what the hell “Lupulin” means.

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